Apex Programme

Welcome to Celebrus’ Apex Programme

At Celebrus we have a growing network of global partners who, with their unique world-class capability and specialist skills in vertical/local markets coupled together with Celebrus technology, have enabled many blue chip organisations such as some of the largest banks, insurance companies, telcos, retailers and travel companies to improve their online sales and marketing effectiveness.

We are looking for established companies with dedicated sales, technical and marketing resources to join our partner network.

Why Join the Celebrus Apex Programme?

  • demonstrated value – our solutions allow our partners to grow the online business of their customers with innovative marketing programmes and insight
  • innovative scalable technology – able to grow to suit the largest sites
  • continuous development– we are continuously taking advantage of new technologies and incorporating these into our solutions
  • responsive support and service from Celebrus – ensuring the you are able to provide the best level of service to your customer

If you would like to join Apex please complete the online contact form. You will be contacted by one of our Sales representatives to discuss the business opportunities and the Apex Programme.

Enter The Pinnacle

Celebrus Partners may log in to the Celebrus Pinnacle using the login form below.